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Caroline & Van at Brix

Liquid Sunshine and the right Photographer made for a Stunning Set of this Midweek Wedding

March 2012

Full Event Design / Planning / Vendor Negotiations / Event Management

Caroline and Van of Houston had their hearts set on an outdoor wedding at Brix in the heart of Napa Valley’s wine country. Well, mother nature had other plans for them, and those plans included rain. …Lots of rain. I helped navigate the couple to Plan B, which simply moved the ceremony location from the outdoors, to a nearby awning covered patio. With delicate laced parasols in hand, the couple exchanged vows and the falling rain was the last thing on anyone’s mind. At one point, faint rain drops splashed on Caroline’s face, mixing with her tears. It was the moment where I realized this rain was truly a blessing. The couple kissed and then joined a small group of family members for a private gourmet lunch. Congratulations to Caroline and Van.

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