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Wedding Planning & Coordinating Services – specializing in making weddings of any size feel intimate – in Napa Valley and Sonoma.

Sonja Beazley Burch specializes in unique Napa Valley Weddings or Sonoma Weddings of all sizes and can make them feel like the perfect intimate wedding.

in·ti·mate1 – (of a place or setting) having or creating an informal friendly atmosphere.“an intimate little Italian restaurant”; synonyms: friendly, warm, welcoming, hospitable, relaxed, informal, cozy, comfortable, snug, comfy – “an intimate atmosphere”

Whether you choose to have hundreds of guests or none at all, your wedding is an intimate affair.

You paint the picture, I’ll supply the paint.

I have been hand-selecting my “palette” of top notch wedding professionals over the last 15 years. My colorful collection of vendors – including ministers, photographers, florists, chefs, caterers, dessert artists, musicians, hair & makeup artists, restaurants, wineries, transportation companies, and many Napa Valley lodging establishments – are really artists truly dedicated to their respective crafts.

I’m a match maker of sorts: A planner; A coordinator. Whatever you want to label me as. My primary goal is always… To make my couples happy.

Take a browse and get in touch so we can begin to paint your perfect Napa Valley intimate wedding.